A Brief History of Doog

The wildest stories about my strange relationship with my best friend, Doog, from my perspective. Contained in theses pages are nearly unbelievably true stores of mystical adventures, alien abduction, rock and roll, magick, exorcisms, mental institutions, and brain surgery.

Justinus Primitive

My solo musical project for the last 11 years, Justinus Primitive is vocal, experimental, and soulful.  I use only my voice to create textured loops of sounds and harmonies.  I build up these vocal layers to create songs and experiences intended to take the performer and the listener to higher levels of consciousness.

Wave Decay

Wave Decay Sonotorium is a site specific sound/art installation, co-created with Scottish installation artist Katie Anderson. First exhibited in Southern Scotland in 2016, it’ll pop up at various art events around the UK. Originally set in the crumbling remains of a Victorian mansion, the Sonotorium is a bath of sonic sensation that uses pure tones and harmony to create a unusually peaceful ambience.

Escape Winter

My long term travel blog.